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Yes, but there is much more on the Netflix-delivered “Saint of Second Chances.” Mike Veeck is the son of his hustler father, Hall of Famer Bill Veeck, “as in wreck” baseball club owner and innovator, and the Saint of Second Chances is all about the story of the two men and baseball, or is it the story of family, redemption and the flaws we have. You’ll have to watch this wonderful film by Jeff Malmberg and Morgan Neville, an outstanding performance by Charlie Day (Mike Veeck), and a fabulous appearance by Darryl Strawberry and Dave Stevens. The Dave Stevens Strawberry relationship is worth a movie on its own. The V/O is by Jeff Daniels, who is perfect as the pitcher of the Neville/Malmberg script. There is much more to this picture, but I’m not giving any more away; watch it, and I guarantee there will be no dry eyes, really. Netflix “Burning down the House.”


“Somewhere in Queens” is the story of a father and a son and the love of basketball, or is it the story of family and flaws, both hilarious and sad? You’ll have to watch this terrific film written by Ray Romano and Mark Stegemann.

Everybody will love Ray as a writer and director, outstanding performance by Laurie Metcalf and Ray Romano as husband and wife, and very well-done jobs by Jacob Ward and Sadie Stanley as the kids. There is a fabulous appearance by the fictional (maybe not) Queens family conjured by the writers. You will love the extended family interaction, with a special Abundanza to Sebastian Maniscalco, Jon Manfrellotti, and yes, if she looks familiar, she should, Karen Lynn Gorney. Sidebar: one of my favorite performances comes from Jennifer Esposito, who, when modeling, was who we (myself and my art director partner, chose to represent our work on Bongo (part of Candies). She’s a talented actress who gives an excellent and subtle performance in a role where lesser actors would have chewed scenery. The film goes off the rails, a hair, but comes right back. Again, there may be no dry eyes.

Hulu, Apple TV, and more.

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