about me

 Some of the people who are me  me write copy & create content and are digitally marvelous with nice personalities; too.

Note: the ; up there is on purpose 

I haven’t crashed anything lately but, did smash my face on the pavement, while running. Most of my body parts survived, but children cry when they see me, & dogs run away.   

I'm less neurotic than most writers. I don’t know why, but I find that disturbing. If I were more neurotic I’d probably be more accomplished, but maybe not. That bothers me. I would ask for help but, that might seem neurotic. See what a trap I'm in? 


I ride my bike, & retired from my skateboard. I started running again, that's  worked out well. I lift weights & sometimes don’t drop them on myself. I read books, some have words with the  pictures.


Since the start of the summer of 2019, I’ve found that 17,000 people have viewed my column on BeyondMadisonAvenue.com. It was cool when people started to contact me. Then, the people who contacted me started asking for money, they are all my son. 

I ’m adept strategically as you can tell by this  page. 


I create content and write across all media & have extensive broadcast experience.


I'm nice & don't use  vacation time, as I never want to be near my family. I like the cat.

 Some Client Experience


Emblem Health

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Brother International

Splashway Water Park & Campgrounds


Centers Healthcare

 Ashley Furniture

Chesapeake Urology

Money Magazine

HMS Host

University of Maryland Medical Center

Neighbors Emergency Center

Refuah Health Center

Bailey's Irish Cream

Laureate Universities

Ocean Spray

T Rowe Price

American Visionary Art