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 I like to detail automobiles, but that's not all. Quick, look below


I have years of experience and have worked as the lead creative (CD, Copy Supervisor, ACD) on a number of national, international, regional, and local companies. I've spent much time with Healthcare,  Financial, Public Affairs, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, Fast Food, Manufacturing, Electronics, Spirits, Gaming, and of course more - even fertilizer, which may be a fitting overall ironic statement for me. See you.



Execution is not an idea. Strategy, research, data, creativity, etc., help make great executions digitally or even on a tee shirt. How's that?


 If radio is forgotten; Why are there so many radio ads?
I do good radio. Creative scriptwriting, casting, directing, and producing I do.



I'm adept a figuring out and 

positioning brands.

Broadcast Production

I write, produce, direct & edit (Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro) all kinds of digital stuff. 


Good research makes for good creative. I do research good.


Yes of course. SEO, SMM, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and of course - My Space (that was a joke)   I also have ideas that fill the holes in the media they're better than the MySpace joke, perhaps.

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