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from the vault from when I almost functioned at a mediocre level

Yes, I'm living in the past I recommend it for everyone unless you are trying to live my life.

 A favorite
bbbs basketball.jpg

These from the vault pieces, they are all old hence vault, won a bunch of awards (for me) which will eventually cost you money. They resulted from a lot of faith from our clients and team.

Nike and Adweek recognized the Big Brothers Big Sisters campaign. And the others were given awards that allowed me to dress like a slob, which I countered by attending law school. But the coolest thing is they worked, and the client got results. Oh my son Bailey is named for the coolest people in the universe, one who was my client when I worked in Memphis. So that's the client relationship you want. Clients make the tough decisions, and they are betting on you. I'm not sucking up; I have a job there.

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