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A multi-page manic Monday post about nice people getting together with other nice people for another

OMG – I wrote this last May 2021 and didn’t send it. It’s a nice story so read it anyway.

I just read that John Ariosa of Sheffield Recording passed away. I probably spent more than a calendar year of my life at Sheffield doing post-production. I always found John (very quiet) to be a wonderfully nice guy and very helpful in making our budgets work and treating the whole posse with dignity and kindness. I was always surprised he put up with me. Anyway, one fine day John called me up (after about ten years of knowing him), and I heard him talk for perhaps the third time. And, anyway, he asked me for a favor. His pal Nils Lofgren ( another great guy I was to find) wanted to promote an album with a music video, and John wanted me to do it as director/creative director. Anyway, I said, “Like OMG, sure.” Then John told me they didn’t have a budget, meaning any damn money, but would supply the studio and all post-production. So, anyway, I said okay, let’s see what we can do. So, then I called two of the kindest, most talented people I know, the (late) great Tom Loizeaux and Mr. Fabulous (Meaty Big and Bouncy) Sean Paul Murphy. Both music fans jumped on. I got together with Nils and pitched him a concept that could maximize our zero budget. The plan was to take advantage of the editorial might of Sean and Special Effects by Sheffield’s adorable, talented, and patient Rick Larmore of Sheffield. Nils approved, John winced at the hours of the post but gave the go-ahead. Tom shot it, with the all-volunteer crew. I directed it along with much input from Nils. Sean did the edit, Rick did the effects, and the rest of the Sheffield posse did the rest of the post. Everyone liked the video. Nils gave me his number and told me to call him if Bruce ever got the band back together. I chatted with Nils a bunch but never called for tickets. I just thought it would not have been in the spirit of the groove. John never tried to capitalize on this and seemed very happy to just help a friend and then return to normal. So, anyway, John Ariosa, long may you run. Look at the video right here.

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