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THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS: At least the wrongheaded leaders of MLB did something, quickly

brian rant.

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS: At least the wrongheaded leaders of MLB did something.

Josh Donaldson is an irritant, and Tim Anderson is an irritant their irritating clash was inevitable. However, the continuing irritation of each other has been mishandled beyond the breaking up of the confrontation. No one needed to handle it other than a warning to both and an ejection.

I played D1 baseball, and my best friend played basketball at the same school and later played for the Knicks; he was spat on in college multiple times for being the wrong color. I witnessed my teammates being turned away at hotels because they were the wrong color; that would be racism. One player claims racism, ridiculous, and another says it was a stupid inside joke, silly. The pity is the suspension and the maelstrom this brought. The pity is this incident is a story today. A few days after these two children tussled, twenty-one people, including nineteen elementary school kids, were murdered in what was not a one-off event. There is a little rainbow here. MLB acted quickly, as did the media and the public, and all were active in the punishment of Mr. Donaldson. For the murder of the twenty-one people, there was the delivery of copious amounts of thoughts and prayers from the leaders of the city, state, and federal governments of this great nation, indivisible.....

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