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Brian on Economics

Brian on Economics - My friend doesn't understand how (via CNN) the addition of 357,00 jobs is bad for inflation. Here, read this. Barry Shapiro and other nincompoops, no one is applying for them as No one is applying for them as 1. There are safe zones 2. Ownership may be embarrassing to the employees. 3. Some jobs require employees to be in the office one day a week. 4. Many jobs have no bathrooms available for whatever the employee is identifying 5. Some companies have employment standards that I find off-putting. 6. In Some jobs, there are delays in the process as the ATS recognized some applicants as Thoracic surgeons. In reality, the applicant's resume mentioned (under awards and education) the winning of the science fair with a baking soda (lava) volcano, which caused a blizzard of LinkedIn inquiries for openings at Coca-Cola. a. Talent acquisition freezes b. Hiring Managers can't find enough Thoracic Surgeons c. Thoracic Surgeons can't drive forklifts and are killing the supply chain d. There is a baking soda shortage 7. For most jobs, you must apply, which has been marked as oppressive. #hiring #education #linkedin #employment #talentacquisition #openings #economics #jobs #resume

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